IISES first year research report

Results of Russia’s Real Economy Development after 1991 and Suggestions for Changing its Industrial Policy

Certain sectors of Russian industry declined since 1991 but later returned to growth. Some industries have almost ceased to exist. Among them are the high-tech productions, whose output has become inaccessible to Russia in the world market after the introduction of sanctions in 2014. It seems necessary to expand and pinpoint the industrial policy measures for the successful development of all the economic sectors required for Russia.

Development of the real sector of the national economy in market conditions

Since 1991, the trends in the real sector of the Russian economy have been determined. For most of them, the 1990s were a period of decline, but then many started to grow. At the same time, some industries have failed to recover in market conditions after they lost in competition with foreign producers. Figures 1-5 show different options for the development of industries after the transition to market conditions.

Figure 1. Crude oil production in the USSR and Russia (million tons)

Source: The graph was built by the author on the basis of 2003 and 2017 Statistical Yearbooks of Roskomstat (Russian Statistics Committee).

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