6-th International Scientific Congress “Globalistics – 2020: Global Issues and Future of Humankind”

“Societies and Economies in 21-t century: New Challenges”

International Institute for Social and Economic Studies Roundtable

May 21
Session 1. Methodological aspects of research of society and economy
1. Global Problems and a New System of Productive Forces
Prof. Alexander Akimov, Department of Economic Studies, Head, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
2. Methodological Dimensions of Political Analysis of Transformational Processes
Prof. Oksana Gaman – Golutvina, Chair of Comparative Politics Department of MGIMO-University, Professor of HSE, President of Russian Political Science Association, Chairman of the Federal Educational and Methodical Association ‘Political and Regional Studies’, Member of RF Civic Chamber, Deputy Chairman of the Public Council of the RF Ministry of Education and Science, Chairman of the RFBR
3. Concept of a "Complex society" as the Basis for a Pragmatic Analysis of Political Processes in Developing Countries
Dr. Vladimir Kulikov, Director of the International Institute of social and economic Studies, former head of the Department of analysis and development of the WPF Dialogue of civilizations.
4. The End of the West as we know it: Must World Civilization be redefined?
Dr. Hauke Ritz, publicist, lecturer at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen.
13.00-13.15 break
Session 2. European Dimension
1. The European Concord Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Dr. Walter Schwimmer, IISES President, Council of Europe Secretary General (1999-2004), Austria
2. Public Discourse in Southern Europe on the New Challenges
Dr. Tiberio Graziani, Vision & Global Trends Research Institute, Rome, Italy
3. The European Union in a Post-COVID-19 World Order
Dr. Alexander Dubovy, University of Austria, Center for Eurasian Studies, scientific coordinator
4. Czech-Russian Chamber of Commerce on the Experience of Czech-Russian Relations in Recent Decades: Challenges and Prospects in the Global World
Ing. Zdenek Zbytek, head, Czech-Russian chamber of Commerce, Prague, Czech Republic.
14.15-14.30 break
Session 3. Eurasian vector
1. Regionalism and Globalization in Central Asia: the EEU / WTO Debate in Uzbekistan's
Dr. Fabrizio Vilmini, Senior research fellow, Center for political research and outreach (CPRO), Westminster International University in Tashkent, Rome, Italy.
2. Models of public response to the "pandemic" covid-19, Cross-Country Specifics and Global Dominants
Dr Igor Zadorin, Executive Director, International Association of research agencies "Eurasian monitor
3. Comparative Analysis of the First SEZs of China and Russian SEZs.
Vysochkina Maria, MSU 3-rd year student
4. German’s New East Policy Discussion Prospects
Dr. Alexander Rahr, Welttrende, editorial board member, German – Russian Forum, Scientific Director, Germany German’s
5. Russia’s Foreign Policy and Coronavirus: Opportunities and Threats
Dr. Andrey Kortunov, Russian International Affairs Council, executive director
15.30-15.45 break
Session 4. Practical Issues of Social and Economic Research
1 A Need to Review the Sustainable Development
Prof. Leonid Grigoriev, Ordinary Professor, Research Director, Department of world economy, Faculty of world economy and politics, Higher school of Economics; Chief adviser to the head of the Analytical center under the Government of the Russian Federation
2. African Countries Attitudes toward Globalization Practices
Oleg Ozerov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to the KSA and Representative to the OIC (2010-2017), Deputy Director, Africa Department, Russian Foreign Ministry, Head, Permanent Secretariat, Forum “Russia – Africa” Forum, Russian Foreign Ministry
3. An Indycia Platform Presentation in Search for a Equitable Financial World Order: an Indycia Platform Presentation
Côme Carpentier de Gourdon, World Affairs Magazine, Convener, France/India
4. Research on the Transformation of Labor Relations in the Scientific and Technological Sphere.
Elena Shlyakhova, research associate, Russian Research Institute of Economics, Politics and Law in the Scientific and Technical Sphere (RIEPP), PhD. psychological Sciences.