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A message from Yunus Centre


Dear Colleagues, Friends, and Social Business Enthusiasts,

We are very happy to introduce our new initiative from Yunus Centre under the banner of the “YSBC Web Lecture Series”. This will be an endeavor of the Yunus Centre Social Business Academy aimed at spreading knowledge and creating easily accessible resources on the subject of social business. This will help students to learn about social business, entrepreneurs to get interested in initiating social businesses, and individuals, foundations, and businesses to invest in social businesses. The purpose of the lecture series will be served if it can generate exponential interest from all segments of societies all around the world. We are starting this lecture series in the English language only. However, we would explore the need for similar lectures in other languages like Bangla, Hindi, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, or any other languages. Please find below some information on the YSBC Web Lecture Series. 

What will the YSBC Web Lecture Series be? 

The idea behind the YSBC Web Lecture Series is to bring thoughts and actions of leaders of the social business movement to the young people, particularly students and academics of YSBC Universities through face-to-face interactive discussions. This will allow our social business experts and leaders to reach out to you all and tell their stories, share the challenges that have faced so far, and talk about their future directions. The experts will also talk about why and how they began their journey in social business and elaborate on their expectations and frustrations. They will discuss how their businesses are being financed, how long it takes to get to a point where they see success, or if their businesses saw failures. They will also share advice for aspiring social business entrepreneurs. Please visit for more information.

A Yunus Social Business Centre (YSBC) is a hub in universities around the world for promoting the social business concept following the principles outlined by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. YSBCs are generally established by academic and research institutions combining faculty members, researchers, and students to introduce, familiarize, and critically analyzing the concept of social business from all its perspectives. For more information, please visit http://socialbusinesspedia. com/ysbc/pages/ysbc-FAQ


Typically each segment will be 45 minutes fireside chat led by a session moderator with one speaker. The moderator is not expected to cover all aspects of the work of the speaker (due to time limitations) but s/he is expected to get to the core issues relevant to the speaker. Audience members can help by sending questions in advance. There may be variations in the format of the sessions as we move along and adjust them for the best outcomes.

How many lectures will be organized per month? 

We are thinking of presenting two lectures per month, each of 45 minutes duration but depending on the demand, the number may be increased.

Who will the Speakers and Moderators be? 

The speakers and moderators will be social business leaders and experts pre-selected by the Yunus Centre Social Business Academy taking into consideration the most suitable matches. You are also most welcome to make suggestions on who you wish to hear from and want you to know more about.

Expected Audience 

This lecture series is addressed to the students and youth in general, but the specific emphasis would be for students and academics of YSBC universities to be part of it. The aim is to help them become familiar with the concept of social business from the side of the practice, and to get them introduced to the pioneers of social businesses. However, all interested people are welcome to join. Join as a family, as a group, as a club, as a professional association, as a businessman, as a policymaker, or as a social activist. We welcome all to be a part of this lecture series and stay connected.

Questions and Feedback 

We welcome your questions and feedback regarding our sessions, speakers,moderators, etc. Feel free to send them to our Interaction Desk 

Thank you.