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Coronavirus and the hopeful, healing message of the Persian New Year (Norouz)


To all our family and friends, 

This is Norouz as it has always been: Happy Norouz- Celebrations, Exchange of Gifts, Hugs and Kisses, Festive foods, Joy, Happiness and much more. 

But this year, it is very very different.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) calls Covid-19 'enemy against humanity'


With our Common Humanity We Must Rise Against the Enemy of Humanity

Norouz (New Day), The Persian New Year: The Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (UNESCO)

Norouz- The seeds of a New Day, Celebration of our Common Humanity

How do we face coronavirus? Hopefulness is the Answer. 

‘It is hope that can give meaning to life and give us the courage to continue on our way into the future together.’

And this is why HOPE is truly what the world is yearning for this Norouz

In the wise words of Hafez, the Persian sage of love and wisdom, we must not despair, but walk on. This is the meaning of life, and the true meaning of Norouz.

Coronavirus and the hopeful, healing message of the Persian New Year (Norouz)

And now see more about Norouz and its message of Hope and Friendship, relevant today more than ever before, in a world of pandemic, portent, self-isolation, social distancing and lockdown.

A Very Happy Norouz to you all.

Kamran and Annie.

PS: Please consider sharing this message with others. At times like this, we must all be messengers of hope, positivity and true friendship.