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'This is not about politics, it's about humanity'


Published with the kind permission of the author  

 'Political affiliations aside, can we not all agree that no child should be going hungry?'

During This summer holiday, there will be 1.3 million children going hungry and malnourished in England, accounting for 15.4% of state-educated pupils 

Furthermore, according to a recent report, ‘2.2 million people in Britain are severely food insecure – the highest reported level in Europe. This indicates that the UK is responsible for one in five of all severely food insecure people on the continent.’

'We're turning into a third world country': Child poverty crisis leaves families living hand-to-mouth existence--Click Here and watch this ITV Report Video on the tragedy of Child Poverty in Britain

‘I encourage you to hear their pleas and find your humanity. Please reconsider the decision to cancel the food voucher scheme over the summer holiday period and guarantee the extension.’

In an emotional and moving letter Marcus Rashord calls on the British MPs to ‘Protect the Vulnerable’

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