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Vision of IISES


The challenges of mankind in the 21st century are multiple. And multiple are the answers to those challenges. Nobody can claim to know the ultimate solution for our problems. And sometimes and more and more often there is not yet an answer to serious problems. Nothing demonstrates that better than the current CoVid pandemic. The world best scientists are working on possible vaccines, medicines, therapies. However the numbers of victims, infected persons, patients in intensive care and people dying are dramatically rising. The pandemic occupies our daily lives, halting economic activities, banishing us with curfews and quarantines, destroying family life and perhaps taking away our loved ones. The pandemic also puts the finger on our societal shortcomings, locally, regional, national and international, global. 

Politicians who were very reluctant on providing necessary funds for the fight against climate changes have now to spend much more money just to keep the economy alive. People in developing countries, not to speak about regions of war, are denied of adequate health care. And national leaders who are helpless vis-à-vis the pandemic blame other countries and even the World Health Organization for being responsible of spreading the pandemic.

Beyond CoVid the UN - World Biodiversity Council warns of the rapidly growing risk of new pandemics due to the destruction of nature and the extinction of species. Radical extreme movements are using fears, lack of understanding and counter-corona restriction to recruit new followers. 

The pandemic therefore can open the eyes for challenges that dominate the 21st century and will still be there when the pandemic hopefully will be defeated. IISES experts and scholars constitute a network to tackle these challenges. They are independent, work and support IISES as volunteers and are eager to dialogue and discussions. They are not bound to any ideology or political party. They are not committed to any opinion of other IISES experts.

What unites them is the conviction that the 21st century challenges need cooperation and exchange of views, opinions and suggestions. 

We would like to group our activities, opinions and reports around “Four Arrows of IISES”, 

  • Climate Change
  • Multilateralism
  • Global Inequality
  • Extremism