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On the Christmas Eve - a present from IISES - a free copy of a first year report!
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V&GT is an international platform aiming to set up and develop synergy between public and private subjects, the academic world, research organs and the associanistic world, to share knowledge, ideas, projects and research so as to offer an overall vision and collection useful for recollocating the human being in his right position in the global process and adequate tools to face more appropriately future challenges which are, in a continually evolving world, becoming ever more arduous. These challenges will doubtlessly be characterised by new Asian powers – China, India and Russia – emerging onto the international scene: they will bring the Asian continent to the centre of the global scene, and also affect the new world order, due to the vast cultural, spiritual potential these countries own in terms of culture, philosophy and religion.

We present: "Eurasian Monitor" is the sociology of the space and populations, cultural polyphony and social puzzle of the Northern Eurasia in terms of research and analysis.

We are conducting sociology studies in Northern Eurasia that includes almost twenty countries with the population of 300 million people, united with common history but different in terms of religion, languages and culture. We collect and analyze variety of data on social mood, attitudes and preferences of populations of these countries as we believe in the importance of the comparative studies. The goal of the Eurasian Monitor to represent cultural diversity and rich variety of the Northern Eurasia. 


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